Making Income Tax Less Taxing

We Help Successful Entrepreneurs Slash Their Income Taxes To 4% In As Little As 30 Days...Without Confusion, Frustration and Overwhelm!

Take Control of Your Income Taxes

Federal income taxes, state income taxes, local income taxes, dividend taxes, and even property taxes… all types of taxes create significant “tax overhead costs” for businesses and business owners. Imagine if you could legally eliminate almost all of them! Well, now you can!

Act 60 

(formerly Act 20/22)

The Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development & Commerce offers various tax incentives to attract, retain and expand businesses in their community - including most notably Act 60 for Export Services and Act 60 for Individual Investors. These comprehensive incentives allow you to take control of your income taxes and significantly improve your profits.

The Key Act 60 Benefits Are...

Act 60



4% Income Tax

NO Federal Tax

0% Dividend Tax

 15 Year Guarantee

Act 60



0% Capital Gains Tax

0%  Interest Income Tax

0% Dividend Tax

Good Thru 2035

We Help Successful Entrepreneurs Get Act 60 Income Tax Incentives In As Little As 30 Days Without Complexity and Uncertainty!

With over 50 years combined experience as US Territory residents, business owners and advisors, your Act 20/22 Solutions team is uniquely positioned to guide and assist you and your company’s efforts to obtain and leverage the Act 60 Programs. Whether it's obtaining an Act 60 Export Services and/or Act 60 Individual Investors decree, structuring an Act 60 Partnership, or taking it to the next level with our proprietary ROBS Act 60 strategy, we are passionate about "Making Income Tax Less Taxing" for our clients.  

3 Simple Steps

Our solution focused approach for each step is tailored to our client's industry, challenges, and goals.


Many factors affect a business or individuals ability to realize the full benefits of the Act 60 programs – the business structure, residency, income sourcing, and more. We will assess your situation and your organization, find the opportunities to significantly reduce your tax overhead, and collaborate with you in building a compliance minded plan to get you there.


For businesses and individuals wishing to obtain the Act 60 benefits, we will work with you to develop the required information, create the business structures and documentation as required, perform the application submission, oversee the application process, and deliver your certificate.


With compliance in mind from the discovery stage, we will help you to develop and structure best practice methodologies and procedures so you can easily and successfully maintain Federal and Puerto Rico compliance and enjoy the tremendous Act 60 benefits for the term of your decree.

Our Expanded Act 60 Solutions

Act 60 Partnerships

Many small businesses and individual practitioners band together into larger Act 60 Partnerships. They share best practices and processes, back-office staffing, employee overhead, and more.  Such partnerships can be created with a group of businesses or individuals seeking to relocate together, or businesses and individuals can be matched with each other for such purposes. We’ve been closely involved in the creation of most of the successful partnerships under Act 60.

ROBS Act 60

Our proprietary Roll Over Business Startup Act 60 solution allows US resident business owners the ability to have Act 60 dividends flow tax free into their Roth 401k without deemed dividend or GILTI tax under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. For those business owners that can't meet the bona-fide residency requirements, but can actively manage an Act 60 business, this strategy allows them to build their retirement while leveraging the incredible Act 60 tax benefits.

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Is Act 60 Right For Me?

We Have Helped Entrepreneurs From The Following Business Types:

  • Consultants & Agencies
  • Coaches (Personal and Business)
  • Online Training Businesses
  • eBusinesses
  • Software Companies
  • Crypto Businesses
  • Financial Services
  • and More...

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What Our Clients Are Saying 

Wow!... with Act 20/22 Solutions... I was approved in 28 days!


I first talked to Act 20/22 Solutions 8 months earlier. While Edgar was helpful and very knowledgeable, I thought it can't be that hard, so I tried to complete the application process myself. Boy was I mistaken! After 6 months of not being able to sort through the myriad of details and finding time to try to research how to do it, I called them back. They started the process over and with their help correcting my documents and structuring, I was approved in 28 days! WOW!

Casey S. Owner

We did the first ever ROBS Act 20 with Edgar's help!


I approached Edgar with a desire to own my Act 20 in my 401k. Everyone else said it couldn't be done. With a get it done attitude, Edgar worked through all the legal and ERISA issues and created the first ever ROBS Act 20 in Puerto Rico. Now my tax exempt dividends flow up to my Roth 401k and build my retirement. I couldn't be happier with his creativity, efforts, and great service!

Noah R. CPA

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