About Act 20/22 Solutions

With over 50 years combined experience - as US Territory residents, business owners, and tax incentive participants - your Act 20/22 Solutions team is comprised of experienced and innovative leaders whose complementary backgrounds uniquely position them to guide and assist your company’s efforts to obtain and leverage the Puerto Rico Tax Exemption Programs.

Our Team

Edgar Hazelwood


Edgar is responsible for building business relationships and partnerships, communicating company solutions, and expanding our team and services. Edgar's experience and expertise were instrumental in designing our proprietary ROBS Act 20 solution.

Ricky Rodriguez


Ricky is a CPA, with significant auditing and compliance experience, as well as forensic accounting. Ricky is a key member in designing and implementing the strategies for our clients, but also the ongoing compliance from a federal and territorial perspective.

Lance Talkington


Lance is a CPA and tax planner with deep experience operating within the territorial tax incentives of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. With extensive experience surviving IRS audits of territorial tax incentives, Lance is invaluable in developing strategies with compliance in mind.

William Blum, LLM


Bill is a tax and business lawyer with substantial expertise in international business taxation. He regularly guides clients through the often complex legal and regulatory aspects of acquiring and implementing the Puerto Rico tax incentives. He also provides certainty for clients when necessary, in the form of formal and informal tax advice and formal legal opinions.

Frank Selden


Frank is a business lawyer, and a leading expert in estate planning and asset protection. His background in banking, insurance and securities led to his progression to estate and asset protection law. His expertise in Self Directed IRA and 401k structuring, along with his solution focused legal thinking, helps our clients accomplish their goals of leveraging the territorial tax incentives.

César Rosario Vega, LLM

Attorney & CPA

César has been practicing law in Puerto Rico for over18 years. In addition to handling complex issues of Tax Law and Corporate Law, he advises on ERISA, Pensions and Employee Benefits, assisting our clients with the design, adoption and compliance required for the successful administration of employee benefit plans, qualified and non-qualified plans, and statutory and non-statutory stock options.

Our Advisors

Act 20/22 Solutions has forged strategic alliances and relationships with best-of-breed providers to offer our customers a powerful network of choices for deploying, integrating and extending our wide range of solutions. Our active involvement in industry organizations and alliances supports this network, as we team with other visionaries to advance the cause of the Act 20/22 programs and shape the future of tax-advantaged financial sustainability.

These leaders extend the scope of our expertise to include areas such as information technology, e-business, banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, life sciences, medical devices, electronics, apparel, renewable energy,  aerospace, film production, and international trade.

About This Website

With our deep roots in the community, and our desire to foster diversification of the economy, Act 20/22 Solutions is also dedicated to providing current information and expert commentary on the Puerto Rico Tax Exemption Programs  for the purpose of creating awareness, education and opportunity with some of the most exciting programs ever crafted to benefit American businesses and individuals, and most importantly, Puerto Rico.

To accomplish this we will feature not only program details, but also interviews and information from program officials, program experts, advisors, and program beneficiary company owners and managers.

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